Message bridge to support a decoupled event driven and aspect oriented application

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Message Bridge

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Message Bridge let you trigger messages from anywhere in a procedural or in an object-oriented way. A registered callback can dispatch or forward all triggered messages. Main idea is to support a decoupled event driven and aspect oriented application, thus object awareness to any logger or any event dispatcher is not needed anymore.


The recommended way to install mamuz/message-bridge is via composer:

php composer.phar require mamuz/message-bridge:0.*



// Register dispatch callback globally
set_message_dispatcher(function ($msg, $argv, $emitter) {
    if ($msg == 'user.registered') {
        mail('', 'A new user entered', 'UserId ' . $argv['userId']);

// Trigger any message anywhere
trigger_message('user.registered', array('userId' => 1234));

Object oriented way with forwarding

$bridge = \MsgBridge\MessageBridge::getInstance();
$bridge->bindDispatcher(function ($msg, $argv, $emitter) use ($eventManager) {
    $eventManager->trigger($msg, $argv, $emitter);

// ...

$bridge->trigger('user.registered', array('userId' => 1234));

Locking concept and Test Isolation

To prevent side-effects the dispatcher can be registered with write protection.

$locked = true;
set_message_dispatcher($closure, $locked);

// This will throw a RuntimeException now

In Unit Tests you should not register a dispatcher with write protection, otherwise test isolation is not given. Instead of that implement following snippet to the tearDown method.

public function tearDown()

As an alternative you can add the provided TestListener to your phpunit.xml. This Listener will do the job for you automaticly.

        <listener class="\MsgBridge\TestListener"></listener>